Affordable Housing

Reducing family homelessness

5-Year Goal

Reduce by 50% the number of families with school-age children who are virtually homeless during the school year. (Target: 500 children)

 Primary objectives:

Align existing affordable housing resources to create an efficient access system that benefits renters and landlords

Develop a tactical plan to address other significant accessible housing issues

Monitor the effect of changes


“OneRoof” – the Thrive-inspired collaboration among The Community Outreach, Inter-Lakes Community Action Partnership, Helpline, and the six-agency CARE team coordinated by Minnehaha County – is underway, and eight hard-to-place families have new homes.

As the Housing Action Team unraveled the complexity of finding affordable housing, Minnehaha County stepped up to create the first Housing Navigator position, and Helpline added a rent affordability calculator and a real-time list of subsidized rentals to its website.

Now the team is developing online access to applications for 33 HUD properties. With evictions having increased by 212% over the past 12 years, the team will release an RFP for a Housing Retention Specialist who will work to resolve issues between renters and property managers before problems become eviction crises.

All of this work is designed to align with “One Sioux Falls” and support the City’s future Housing Clinic.

Financially accessible housing is key to recruiting and retaining a quality workforce that leads to economic growth. It is also critical to improving children’s academic success. A child who loses their home to eviction or frequent family moves will experience a loss of learning that is difficult to restore.

Educational Milestones

KINDERGARTEN READINESS Entering kindergarten ready to learn is a predictor of a child’s future educational attainment.

GRADE 3 READING PROFICIENCY Up to third grade, one learns to read. After third grade, one reads to learn. Falling behind in reading in elementary school is an educational handicap few children overcome.

GRADE 8 MATH PROFICIENCY Mastery of basic math skills is necessary to move on to algebra, and mastery of algebra is strongly linked to high school success and college enrollment.

HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION High school graduates enjoy higher lifetime earnings and are less likely to depend on welfare or become involved in the criminal justice system than those who drop out.

POST-SECONDARY ENROLLMENT Post-secondary education is the gateway to the middle class. To be successful in the global economy some sort of post-secondary education is necessary.

POST-SECONDARY DEGREE COMPLETION A post-secondary degree or certificate is key to long-term financial gain, job stability, and success in and out of the workplace.

Housing Action Team Members

Amy Carter, Children’s Home Foundation/Children’s Inn
Tammie Denning, Inter-Lakes Community Action Partnership, Inc./Heartland House
Sheri Ekdom, Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota
Yesenia Gonzalez, South Dakota Voices for Peace
Mike Huber, Community Stakeholder
Richie Hutchinson, Community Stakeholder
Roger Jacobs, Housing and Urban Development
Liz Larkin, Community Stakeholder
Anny Libengood, Minnehaha County
Ashley Lipp, Lloyd Companies
Amy Miller, Charisma Properties
Gayleen Riedemann, Riedemann Properties
Nate Rygh, The Community Outreach
Betsy Schuster, Helpline Center
Chellee Unruh, City of Sioux Falls

Housing Action Team 2020

Members of the Housing Action Team pause for a photo during an online meeting.

Thrive Action Teams are key to our mission. They address obstacles to student success by focusing on creating systemic change in the conditions surrounding the educational system.

Action Teams are comprised of individuals who:

  • Represent a cross-section of business, government, nonprofit and faith-based communities.
  • Have knowledge and experience to contribute to the ecosystem issue being addressed.
  • Are willing to make a commitment to participate regularly in Action Team activities.

Teams can accommodate up to 15 members for two-year terms. One-third of Action Team membership turns over every two years and opportunities for Task Team volunteers are always available. Contact us to learn more.

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