Affordable Housing

Reducing family homelessness

5-Year Goal

To be a catalyst to influence, advocate for, and support funding for housing development on behalf of the most vulnerable populations in the Sioux Falls area.

 Primary Objectives:

Align existing affordable housing resources to create an efficient access system that benefits renters and landlords

Develop a tactical plan to address other significant accessible housing issues

Monitor the effect of changes

With Affordable Housing, Access Is Critical

Given the shortage of housing in Sioux Falls, the odds of building an effective housing access system are about as likely as aligning a Rubik’s Cube after preschool show-and-tell. The job isn’t for the faint of heart, but Thrive’s Housing Action Team has heart.

In its corner are powerful partners:

Housing Action Team members focus on big picture housing access issues. Once they target a breakdown in the system, they create a task team charged with finding solutions.

The Next Big Thing

In 2022, Housing Action Team members accepted a critical challenge to support the community of Sioux Falls in development and rehabilitation of housing for our most vulnerable children and families. In a process endorsed by the City Council’s Homeless Task Force, the team is developing a proposal for an Affordable Housing Trust to be available in the city.

They are working with community stakeholders, including the city, community foundation, developers, and others, to create a community model and address potential sources for the future funding of a Sioux Falls Housing Trust Fund.

In their proposal, HAT members suggest the local housing trust fund would fill a financing gap that hampers increased construction and rehabilitation in the city’s supply of housing that is affordable to individuals and families at 40% and 30% of the median family income (MFI).

What Are Thrive’s Action Teams?

Thrive Action Teams are key to achieving the organization’s mission to remove obstacles to student success and foster opportunities for all children, from cradle to career.

Action Teams use a collective impact approach to focus on creating systemic change in the conditions surrounding the educational system.

Success is achieved when an outcome or goal has been attained, with the result that either the cause of the obstacle is eliminated or that programs, policies, funding streams, and/or services are permanently altered, reducing the impact of the problem on a continuing basis.

Action Teams are comprised of individuals who:

    • Represent a cross-section of business, government, nonprofit, education and faith-based communities.
    • Have knowledge and experience to contribute to the ecosystem issue being addressed.
    • Are willing to make a commitment to participate regularly in Action Team activities.

Action Team membership is generally around 15 people but participation levels ebb and flow with current needs and topics. Volunteer opportunities often become available as each team continuously evaluates its requirements for expertise and participation. Occasional opportunities arise for short-term task-oriented teams, as well. If you’re interested in working as a Thrive volunteer, contact us.

Housing Action Team Members

Allison Thompson, Housing Retention Specialist
Andy Patterson, Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation
Anny Libengood, Community Stakeholder
Betsy Schuster, Helpline Center
Brent Tucker, Affordable Housing Solutions
Dawson Muska, The Community Outreach
Gayleen Riedemann, Community Stakeholder
Logan Penfield, City of Sioux Falls
Matthew Tschetter, Caminando Juntos
Mike Huber, Community Stakeholder
Richie Hutchinson, Community Stakeholder
Roger Jacobs, Housing and Urban Development
Sheri Ekdom, Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota
Shireen Ranschau, Community Stakeholder


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