Kids at Laura B. Anderson Elementary School loved getting books from the Siouxland Libraries Bookmobile this summer. More than 480 items were checked out at LBA between June and August, 2020!

Mondays, 5-6 p.m.

Sept. 14 – Oct. 26

(closed Oct. 12)

LBA south parking lot

For volunteers from Kid Link Riverside, the Bookmobile stops were a time for meeting students and parents, especially since COVID-19 restrictions prevented so many other events from taking place.

Now that children are back in school, the Bookmobile is returning to LBA for September and October. The Bookmobile will be at the school from 5 to 6 p.m. Mondays, Sept. 14–Oct. 26. (The Bookmobile and library locations will be closed Oct. 12.)

Parents invited

Learn more about Kid Link Riverside!

Kid Link Riverside is a group of volunteers supporting Laura B. Anderson Elementary School children and families.

What does Kid Link Riverside do for children? With the help of parents and neighbors, we will plan special events for kids, parents and families. Some events will be educational. Some will be social. Some will be just plain fun. Watch for news in your child’s school bag, on Facebook, and by email. Click here to learn more.

How can I be a part of this? Kid Link Riverside is a way to meet LBA staff, neighbors, and parents. Volunteer task teams need your help communicating with families, planning activities, organizing distribution of supplies, scheduling out-of-school supervision, making food, cleaning up after events, and so much more.

Bookmobile LBA girls

More than 480 items were checked out from the Bookmobile at LBA this summer. Let’s beat that number with the new truck this fall.

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