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Initiative Goal

In October 2022, the Sioux Falls Childcare Collaborative identified the need for a community-wide initiative focused on finding solutions to help ease the current childcare crisis. With the urging of Mayor Paul TenHaken, two coordinators were hired to lead a six-month-long initiative with financial support from the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation, Sioux Empire United Way, Sioux Falls Development Foundation, and Forward Sioux Falls. The coordinators were charged with researching and recommending potential solutions, with consideration of supportive local and state policies, community-level business involvement, and funding opportunities to support and sustain childcare businesses and improve workforce development. 

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The initiative coordinators, Nicole Fluth and Rana DeBoer, and working group members met on a regular basis between October 2022 and May 2023. The coordinators actively engaged with business leaders, Early Childhood Education support organizations, community partnerships/organizations, state agency partners, childcare providers, and others connected to the childcare system. An extensive review of literature was completed to further understand the systemic challenges of the childcare industry and to identify multi-sector solutions that are being implemented in other communities.

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Childcare Initiative Coordinators Rana DeBoer and Nicole Fluth

Downloads: Community Childcare Initiative Final Report, Business Toolkit, and Related Documents

Community Childcare Initiative Final Report

This 97-page report covers the research done by the Sioux Falls Childcare Collaborative’s Childcare Initiative Coordinators and their recommendations for solving the childcare crisis in Sioux Falls.

Download report here.

Childcare Solutions for Employers Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to help leaders and business owners learn their options for supporting working parents with childcare needs. It provides a roadmap of approachable ideas for your organization.

Download toolkit here.

Overview of Childcare Crisis Solutions

This nine-page document provides an overview of the full Community Childcare Initiative Report.

Download overview here.


Sioux Falls Childcare Crisis Facts

This document outlines the findings that the Childcare Initiative Coordinators discovered during their research.

Download crisis facts here.

Stats That Matter Handout

This handout presents key data outlining the childcare crisis in Sioux Falls and can be downloaded and shared with organizations, businesses and individuals who have an interest in the childcare crisis.

Download handout here.

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