Debbie Riter’s grandkids love baking and decorating cookies with their grandmama. It’s a year-round activity with recipes changing based on the season and the children’s abilities.

For Debbie, cookies help create lasting memories with the kids in her life. So, when she signed on as a volunteer for the Kid Link Riverside after-school project, she knew she wanted to help other families create similar moments to remember.

The pandemic makes it difficult to host a cookie decorating event with a group of children who are not members of your own family. So, Debbie has built and donated decorating kits for Kid Link Riverside participants to take home.

The first kits are available for the Salvation Army-hosted holiday party Tuesday, Dec. 15. Each kit includes two cutout cookies, two different colors of frosting, and sprinkles. The kits will be available for each participating child to take one.

decorating cookies - Sylvia Riter
Sylvia Riter fills tubs with sprinkles for decorating cookies.

Kid Link Can Use Your Help

The Kid Link Riverside Initiative is only successful because of the help of volunteers like you. More than 120 people and 40+ organizations are involved in ways big and small.

Now, Kid Link needs you.

Can you welcome new friends? Listen to a child practice reading? Cook a meal? Drive a van? Serve up food for families to take home? It’s all part of the work we’re doing.

decorating cookies: kit assembly line
Debbie’s assembly line, ready for building cookie decorating kits.
decorating cookies: completed kits
Completed kits wait for Kid Link participants to take them home.
Kid Link after school

Sponsored by Kid Link Riverside and Sioux Falls Thrive, this is an educational and fun family event with no religious activities. Thank you to Sermon on the Mount Mennonite Church for providing an indoor location.

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