Kid Link Riverside volunteers made some new friends June 8. Many thanks to Fruit of the Coop for providing farm fresh eggs and Caselli’s Market Garden for providing lettuce for families!

And, do you know what our visitors learned?

Next week’s event will include live chickens for kids to meet!

Stephanie Peterson from Fruit of the Coop is a Kid Link Riverside Volunteer. Her passion for chickens and community service will combine for a fun experience, in addition to the weekly Bookmobile visit.

Kid Link Riverside is using these events to build relationships with families whose children attend Laura B. Anderson Elementary School as it begins to realign community resources. This neighborhood approach to collaboration produces immediate benefits for school-age children.

Although food security is the primary focus, Kid Link research will inevitably uncover other needs such as housing and out-of-school time. Environmental concerns such as public safety, transportation, and community health issues are also expected to surface.

Five task teams have been formed to begin this work. In addition to the task team scheduling ongoing summer activities, other task teams are also beginning.

  • Community Building Task Team is developing a plan for more opportunities for Kid Link volunteers to interact with parents in the LBA community. Food service will occur at all events. The overall goal is to collect family contact information and develop long-term relationships between volunteers and parents.
  • Communications Task Team will unravel the challenges and explore solutions for overcoming language barriers. This task team is charged with developing a universal tool for communicating with LBA parents and families. They will also work with Augustana Research Institute to facilitate completion of research interviews.
  • Food Distribution Task Team will develop a system for charitable food distribution in the LBA attendance area.
  • Out of School Task Team will develop opportunities for out of school time activities at no cost to families in the LBA community.

It is expected other task teams will be formed as community research uncovers ongoing needs.

The initiative is based on four guiding principles. Kid Link Riverside volunteers will:

  • Establish trust and credibility with the Riverside community.
  • Build relationships in the Riverside community with dignity and respect.
  • Engage the Riverside community in identifying wants, needs and potential solutions.
  • Align existing community resources to develop sustainable outcomes for the Riverside community.

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You’re invited to join the fun! Make sure you’re on the Kid Link Riverside contact list for these and other events. Please complete the form below.

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