Engagement Collaboratives

The Sioux Falls area is blessed with dozens of community groups and social service agencies that are working to improve student success. Groups that wish to align their efforts with Thrive’s collective impact initiatives are known as engagement collaboratives.

Thrive’s Strategy Council has identified over 70 government, nonprofit, or faith-based organizations and informal community groups that are working to improve services to vulnerable children and their families. Groups focused on achieving outcomes critical to student success may ask to be recognized as a Thrive Engagement Collaborative.

Thrive is not a grantmaking nonprofit, and its resources are limited. Thrive Engagement Collaboratives may, however, request assistance with meeting facilitation, administrative support, research projects, and fundraising issues.


  • Community groups – local government entities, nonprofit organizations, or coalitions formed by representatives of the same – are eligible for recognition as Thrive Engagement Collaboratives.
  • Requests for recognition as an Engagement Collaborative may be submitted to Thrive’s Council or staff but must be approved by Thrive’s Board of Directors.
  • The activities undertaken by the group must be wholly charitable in nature and expected to have a beneficial impact on student success or on the advancement of Thrive’s mission.

Term of Recognition

  • Thrive’s Board of Directors reviews Engagement Collaborative designations annually and reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to discontinue recognition at any time.
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