Kid Link family fun: Join your friends and neighbors at Sermon on the Mount Mennonite Church. Kids of all ages are welcome to participate in games, crafts and other activities with a theme of Thanksgiving and Harvest this Tuesday.

5-6 p.m. every Tuesday

Sermon on the Mount Mennonite Church

Everyone is invited to take home hot meals from the Nightwatch food truck, every Tuesday 5–6 p.m. The meal is free: sponsored by friends and neighbors of LBA students and their families. Would you like to share your skills? Click here to tell us how you can help.

Bookmobile new truck visits LBA


Free access to:

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What can you expect at Kid Link Riverside?

Neighbors and volunteers are trying to help you answer two key questions on Tuesdays:

What are the kids doing after school?


What’s for dinner?

Kid Link family fun - bee logo slide

Sponsored by Kid Link Riverside and Sioux Falls Thrive, this is an educational and fun family event with no religious activities. Thank you to Sermon on the Mount Mennonite Church for providing an indoor location.

Kid Link can use your help

The Kid Link Riverside Initiative is only successful because of the help of volunteers like you. More than 120 people and 40+ organizations are involved in ways big and small.

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