Sioux Falls Thrive wasn’t trying to break the rules. It just outgrew its business plan a little too fast. So, a few months into startup, Thrive’s Board of Directors was already working on a three-year strategic plan.

“It’s unusually quick timing,” says Deb Koski, president of Thrive’s Board and a planning enthusiast. “By mid-summer we had nailed our program of service and policies, our communication network was up, and our partners were in place. It was time to refine our vision and set direction for the future.”

Thrive is a cradle to career initiative. The nonprofit aims to ensure that all young people in the metro area are prepared to lead productive lives and contribute to the community.

“It’s a big vision with a unique service model,” Koski says. “We target obstacles to student success, conduct comprehensive research, turn the findings over to an action team, and ask the team to use existing community resources to remove those obstacles.”

Thrive Strategic Plan 2018-2020  lays out the organization’s ultimate outcomes and the five goals it will pursue over the next three years.

“Our challenge in the coming year is to move faster,” says Koski. As a result, Thrive will step up the pace on research, forming additional action teams, and building the community leadership capacity it needs to manage those teams.

Koski encourages those who are only now beginning to learn about Thrive and its work to help kids succeed to take a look at the Thrive Strategic Plan.

“Spend 15 minutes reading two pages ─ you’ll understand what we’re all about.”

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