The work of Sioux Falls Thrive is driven by the commitment of more than 100 volunteers. They serve on our three Action Teams, provide leadership in the community, and offer a wealth of experience to benefit children in Sioux Falls.

Volunteer Amy Carter

Amy Carter

Amy Carter is active as a member of the Housing Action Team for Thrive. She serves as Operations Director with Children’s Inn, a Program of Children’s Home Society. Here’s a little more information about Amy and her commitment to Thrive.

There is more to you than a job title.

Tell us about the work that really lights your fire or boosts your spirit.

I love being part of the non-profit community and working to serve families and individuals who are vulnerable, struggling, or have been impacted in a way that they are at a point in their life where they need something beyond what they can do for themselves.

You chose to live and work in this community.

What is it about Sioux Falls that makes it the place you want to be right now?

Sioux Falls has a community spirit that you don’t find everywhere. Positive things happen in Sioux Falls, people are taken care of, and opportunities are available should you want to be involved. I’m proud to call Sioux Falls my home.

What’s Thrive to you?

You are always involved in meetings and volunteering to help with the next right thing. Tell us what about Thrive makes you want to participate in this work?

Thrive is one of those community minded programs that gives people the chance to be involved in something bigger than themselves. The idea behind Thrive is community collaboration, knowing that is how change happens. It’s great to get to know and work with a cross-section of people who have the same goal in mind.

Finally, how about the rest of your world?

Outside of work, my time is spent with my two kids and my husband. We are fortunate to have our family in the area, so whenever possible, we are enjoying time together, supporting all the kids in their activities, and taking advantage of everything Sioux Falls has to offer!

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