The work of Sioux Falls Thrive is driven by the commitment of more than 100 volunteers. They serve on our three Action Teams, provide leadership in the community, and offer a wealth of experience to benefit children in Sioux Falls.

Joel Gackle Sioux Falls Thrive volunteer

Joel Gackle

Joel Gackle is active as a member of the Food Security Action Team and a consulting partner for our new initiative, Kid Link Riverside. He serves as Senior Director of Alumni Engagement at Augustana University. Here’s a little more information about Joel and his commitment to Thrive.

There is more to you than a job title.

Tell us about the work that really lights your fire.

I love discovering stories and cultures. I have had the great fortune of living in seven states and three countries, and it is the people in each location who inspire me. My wife and I returned to raise our family here, and we have two young sons. I enjoy the outdoors, sports, lively discussions, and friends and family.

What’s Thrive to you?

You are always involved in meetings and volunteering to help with the next right thing. Tell us what about Thrive makes you want to participate in this work?

I have had the fortune of working with populations on the fringes at almost every step of the way. I love how Thrive brings together organizations and individuals to dream how work can be done more efficiently to transform lives. The people on our action team aren’t led by ego, or by silos, but by a genuine desire to impact our entire community.

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