The work of Sioux Falls Thrive is driven by the commitment of more than 100 volunteers. They serve on our three Action Teams, provide leadership in the community, and offer a wealth of experience to benefit children in Sioux Falls.

Volunteer Kim Overby

Kim Overby

Kim Overby is active as a member of the Out of School Time Action Team for Thrive. Here’s a little more information about Kim and her commitment to the collaborative work that makes a difference in children’s lives.

There is more to you than a job title.

Tell us about the work that really lights your fire or boosts your spirit.

My work for the past 40 years has been about children and their needs. I am currently retired but my passion for children remains. I love doing work that positively impacts the lives of children in our community. For the past year, I have grown to better understand  the needs of children in our community and I have been blessed to work with others in the community who share the calling of bringing resources together to help children. Working with people who have the best interest of kids in mind inspires me.

You chose to live and work in this community.

What is it about Sioux Falls that makes it the place you want to be right now?

Though my years of work I have seen what a generous spirit the people of Sioux Falls have; the sense of community and neighborhood lives here. It is a city with a culture that invites people with passion to participate in making a difference in a variety of ways.

What’s Thrive to you?

You are always involved in meetings and volunteering to help with the next right thing. Tell us what about Thrive makes you want to participate in this work?

I love being part of collaborative teams that are about the bigger picture. It is so refreshing to see community agencies and professionals working together. Over my 40 years of professional work, collaboration was discussed but hard to find in action. In my work with Thrive, I see collaboration in action, and it is so fun to see how strong and powerful it is. I love being part of this selfless work.

Finally, how about the rest of your world?

I spend most of my free time with family and friends. My husband and I have three grown daughters and six grandchildren — all nearby. We spend a lot of hours enjoying our family farm and lake home 80 miles from Sioux Falls. Great places for great memories.

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